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A Bus Driver Nearly Lost His Life When He Met A Random, Deadly Force Of Nature


Sinkholes are incredibly dangerous threats to humans around the world. You can never tell when or where they will appear. It is their surprising nature that makes them the most dangerous, as you cannot ever plan for them in advance.

A bus driver in Brazil certainly didn”t plan for this sinkhole when it devoured his vehicle. Witness the destructive nature of sinkholes from footage taken by someone on the scene who bravely captured the horrifying occurrence.

(via euronews)

If this didn”t give you anxiety about driving, I don”t think anything will. This destructive sinkhole made this poor bus driver say goodbye to his bus forever. Thankfully, it looks like everyone got out of the bus before tragedy struck. It could have been a lot worse, as most sinkholes tend to have grave consequences once they open up.