Tourists Were Filming The Erupting Volcano In Chile, When They Saw Something They Couldn’t Explain

The Calbuco volcano in central Chile has been in the news recently since it started erupting on April 22 of this year. News outlets across the globe are running photos and videos of the monstrous volcano belching smoke and ash into the sky. It really is amazing to see the raw power of nature at work.

However, in one video posted online, you can see something strange around the volcano. At first glance it looks like a helicopter, but then it starts to move. Could this be a UFO or some sort of secret government craft? See for yourself in the video below.

(via: Reddit)

Okay, now that”s pretty spooky. It”s even creepier because it”s in Chile, where they have a whole government division dedicated to investigating reports of UFOs. Something tells me this won”t be the last strange craft we see hanging around the Calbuco volcano.


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